Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I am back in WV, and it is bitter sweet. I love seeing my family and friends all the time but I miss Texas. I miss the Bledsoe Family, I miss the heat, I miss it being dry all the time, and I miss being able to fix my hair. It was freezing when I woke up this morning. I haven’t really been able to do anything cute with my hair since I got back and it is super frustrating. The first day I was back I went for a run and my shoes got soaked. Most of the things I'm not happy about are all about my attitude towards them.  It is going to start getting colder and colder, my hair not being cute really isn't that big of deal, and I just have to remember that it rains a lot more here. The sweet part is I love getting to spend time with my family. I’ve gotten to see two of my nieces, spend a day with just my Dad, go coupon shopping with Chas and listen to my sister’s crazy stories from school. I also get to see all my friends on a daily basis which is a lot of fun.  Patti and Haley go the gym 4 times a week so I’ve started tagging along with them. It is a good thing too because I was getting bored just running by myself.  So like I said before it is bitter sweet to be home.

The mission prep is going really well and I have gotten a lot done since I’ve gotten home. I finally got all the stuff done for my Visa. Luckily I know a Notary, I was able to go to him and he notarized all my paperwork that needed notarized. We have a wonderful seminary teacher who signed my transcripts and certificates. Then I got to visit with her for a long time, which is always fun.  After I got everything done here in town, Patti and I made a trip to the State Capital and one of the workers Authenticated all of my documents that were notarized. Now it is all on it ways to the Church’s travel offices. Hopefully it is all done correctly and they will be able to get my Visa processed quickly.  I am almost done with all the paperwork and other non-fun stuff. Once I get all that stuff done I get to start SHOPPPING. I love shopping for new clothes; I like it even better finding good deals on new clothes. I am slowly learning simple things in Portuguese.  Like Bom Dia, como voce esta? Which means good morning, how are you? I am very excited to go and serve, every day it is a little bit closer. Only 77 more days, it will be here so fast. J